At sunset, I get to think of a day that ends
And rest that is just starting.
It is when the earth calls forth the hours of stillness
to whisper a word of thanks
for the grace that overflowed
and the strength that kept me going.

At dusk, I smile at the earth
like an actor bowing at the closing of the curtain
Praising the one that made it all happen,
Content to be part of the story that unfolded.

At sunset, I get to think of the new day that will come,
with me, prepared because of these holy hours
that will lull me to sleep.

Fr. Sunny Castillo (05 April 2014)

This is my photo entry to Sue’s Word A Week Challenge: Contrast. The bright sunset provides a contrast to the coconut trees at the foreground of this picture. This is a picture of our Tamurong, our village in Northern Philippines where I was born. I will always, always miss it.

PHOTO CHALLENGE: Two colors, two hues

PHOTO CHALLENGE:  Two colors, two hues

I love this picture because it is the view of sunset from my own barrio up in Northern Philippines. I grew up watching the sunset there, since I was a kid, with my grandfather, siblings and cousins… i spent hours of thinking and dreaming there… my family survived our hardest times through that water. And it is as beautiful as I have always remembered it.

Sorry it’s late, I am just trying to catch up, but this is my entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Two hues, two colors only. I am not sure if this would pass… but certainly, this is as limited to two colors and two hues as I think I can get: The Yellow and the yellow-orange, the black and the blue-gray, and two colors: black and yellow. And the only editing I did with this picture is to reshape it into a square.

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