TRAVEL THEME: Shine – Michigan Cherries


Did you know that the shiniest living thing in the world is a berry?  Not these cherries… 🙂  They’re called collia berries which are grown in Africa.  But these cherries are shiny too.  They are Michigan cherries shining as they dangle on the trees!  I love watching people turn into children.  Childlikeness is a beautiful thing to see.  When people pick berries, something beautiful happens.  I love watching especially my mom.  She makes some weird funny and childlike sounds she she sees the shiny fruits, and she does everything possible to get them.  Sometimes the cherries would be very high up on a branch, but no problem, the 69-year old would climb up to the skinniest branch to get the cherry she lays her eyes on.  Thank to these shiny Michigan cherries for the joy you bring to my mom, and to me.  


This is my entry to Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge: Shine.  Late entry but well… I try.  🙂

CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: Crooked and Squiggly Lines: DONUTS


Some walk on straight paths all their life, while others seem to only know how to walk when walking to the beat of their own drums, as squiggly as the donut here.  These are two temperaments that may antagonize one another, but if we dig deep into the bottom of it, the one most important thing is to have a mutual respect. we are all wired differently, and so we have to learn to respect that, even though we think that our own is the best way. we should just instead be content with the idea that other people may process the information a different way.

When we walk the crooked path of life, we have our Lord who is the way, and shows us the way to the Father. Walking on undeveloped earth, God’s grace paves the way to a better life, away from the evil one.

This is my entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge of the Week: Crooked and Squiggly Lines: DONUTS. Thanks!



Every little thing has its own mystery and beauty. That is why i love paying attention to the details of plants and vegetables. I am always at awe at how creation is an incredible work of art, from the biggest vista to the tiniest detail. Some true and insane genius of meticulously attention has been given to each one is some unique way. take a look at the details of the radicchio. Incredible. I will never tire of pointing at the awesomeness of creation, and the Creator that made all these possible. Alleluia!

This is my latest entry to Cee’s latest Fun Foto Ghallenge: Things With Edges.



I was at the Wheaton French market this past weekend with my mom. As we got there, we immediately noticed the beautiful roses in one of the stalls. “Get some,” I said, “Get three.” Without hesitation, she picked three, one yeller one peach and one pink… it was beautiful. The joy of being able to express love without saying the words is a happy thing, and I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to do it. I love you, Mama!

This is my entry to Where’s my Backpack Travel Theme Challenge: Fresh.   Check out the other entries in the page.  Thanks…



From up in the sky, Seattle looks impressive. By the water, the downtown looks like a smaller version of Chicago. Cities like this give a good sense of the great gift of the human mind. No wonder wisdom literatures in the scripture exalt the human person as just a little less than a god.

This is my entry to Where’s my Back Pack? Travel Theme: Cities.



When I think of vegetables and fruits and think of how much Vitamins and good stuff are in them, naturally, I can’t help but be in awe. How is it possible that such things have so much in them that benefit our bodies? They are really meant for sustenance, given to us to nourish our bodies. My grandfather used to munch on raw carrots thinking that his eyes will have the nutrients to stay healthy, and indeed, grandpa read his way through life without much visual aid.
God, thank you for carrots and all the good stuff for food!

This is my entry to A Word a Week Challenge: Orange.

TRAVEL THEME: Metal#2: The Eiffel Tower

TRAVEL THEME: Metal#2:  The Eiffel Tower

There is no more magnificent and artistic piece of metal out there in the world that could in any way give the Eiffel Tower the run for its own money. It is the king of metalworks.

But what really makes the Eiffel Tower so special is the many people who hug and kiss, eat and drink, love and celebrate. These all make the Eiffel Tower a softened metal, in that, people around it immediately exude a sense of beauty and freedom, no matter how much crowd there is. So when I hear of metal, this si the one that first comes to mind, and I am sure I am not the only one.

This is my second entry to Ailsa’s Challenge: Metal.

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