WHERE’S MY BACKPACK? TRAVEL THEME CHALLENGE: Colorful: Stained Glass Window in Notre Dame de Chartres


This vividly colorful stained glass window is taken inside the Basilica of Notre dame de Chartres in Chartres, France.  It depicts the events of the birth of Jesus, from the annunciation to the visit of the magi.  I cannot believe that Christmas is just in the corner, less than a month from now… These stained glass windows accomplish what the church has always done with these images and icons through the centuries – they have served as story books in images, especially back in the days when people did not go to school, but learned about the Bible stories through these images.  Today, people accuse the church of idolatry when they see icons and images, but here’s the difference: idolatry is going away from God and adoring something else, while these icons and statues are means to become closer to God.  You be the judge.  Obviously, the church does not teach that these statues and icons should be adored, so I don’t know where that critique is coming from, except for those people who are ignorant about it.  I personally love the icons and statues because they serve as reminders to me of the truths that are not visible; the Church as it is, is a visible sign of the invisible, and so are the sacraments and rituals and actions in the church.  These are meant to serve as an access to the invisible, transcendent realities; heck isn’t the entire world a visible sign of the presence of the creator, anyway?

This is my entry to Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack? Photo Challenge: Colorful.  Aren’t those windows so beautiful, colorful and meaningful?  Thanks.



Here is a picture i took of a painting inside the Chateau Chenonceau in the Loire Valley of France, back in 2013.  This painting depicts the babies John the Baptist and Jesus.  I love the innocence being portrayed by this painting, and the power behind it.  There is so much to learn of John the Baptist’s disposition to point to Jesus as the Lamb to whom all is due.  This is the acknowledgment that the spirit of thanksgiving calls from us – to acknowledge the giver of the gifts, and honor HIm by sharing what was given.  From me to all of you, a Blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones.


The pilgrimage to France in 2013 was very memorable because it was my first time to really explore France to that extent.  One of the really cool stops of the journey was Tours, France, know for the annual biking competition that made a certain Mr. Armstrong very famous, and then notorious.  But Tours is so much more than the biking event.


Tours has a beautiful cathedral that looked like a sentinel in the midst of the city.  And I was impressed how the building would turn bluish in the dusk.  The interior is unmistakably gothic, and the corners are very dark.  I spent some time praying in one of the side chapels, and lit a few colored candles.  It was so peaceful.  


Another beautiful church destination in Tours is the basilica of Saint Martin of… yes, you got it… Tours.  It is a beautiful building and the interior is like a palace hall.  These two churches are special landmarks of the city, and they are truly must-see items in a tourist checklist.  


Tours also has a very beautiful City Hall with a well landscaped plaza in front.  in front of the building, it says “Hotel de Ville” but it’s not a hotel like most of the world think of a hotel.  In the evening, this building is so well lit, and so elegant, it makes you want to go in there and sleep.  Haha.


Tours is surrounded by all kinds of posh towns.  Not very far from Tours is the Loire Valley with all the beautiful chateaus by the river Cher.  But within the city itself, there is so much to see, and one can easily appreciate the lifestyle of the french people outside of Paris.  Food is always phenomenal and the desserts always seem to have just come out of the oven.


And so i post these pictures today with gratitude for what I have experienced, and for the hope of going back again someday.  I thank God for the opportunity to see beautiful places like Tours… Happy Thanksgiving!



Green is one of my most favorite colors.  I love looking at greens because they are so refreshing, and they have a way of clearing my mind from stresses and toxicities.  Green is the combination blue and yellow hues, the color of peace and joy respectively.  What a good combination to form this color that is so easy on the eye.  I love especially the shades of apple green, moss green and avocado green.

The picture here is a green vase / vessel / jar, displayed on a dividing wall in a fish restaurant in Athens, Greece – Psarades, meaning “fishermen”.

In the Bible, the Gospel of Mark describes that Jesus made the people sit on the green grass as he preached to them and later on, as he fed the same multitude with the loaves that miraculously multiplied.  That little detail of the mention of the color green adds so much to what was going on in this Gospel story, but I will let you just reflect on that…

This is my entry to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: The Color Green.



God blessed this part of the world with the beat of the Fall Season.  It is my annual ritual to go fall watching, and this year is not an exception.  This photo however is from a couple of years ago, at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL.  These days, I am like a child looking around to a new universe of wonder and beauty.  I am mesmerized at every color I see on the leaves, and I get frantic with my trigger-happiness.  Thank you to the one who holds this universe together and puts the splendor and majesty on the earth.  This is my entry to the Dailypost Photo Challenge: Refraction.  Refraction, in physics, the change in direction of a wave passing from one medium to another caused by its change in speed.  In this case, the water as a medium refracts the images of the trees and changes their form reflected on it.  Something like that.  🙂  Thanks.



I used to walk this beach every day from school when I was a teenager.  This is where God heard me whispering my dreams and hopes, my joys and wonderings.  There days, the beach of tambouring has a permanent place in my dreams, reveries and somber nostalgias.  I am grateful for this place, and I dream of days to be able to visit it more often than I do now.

This my entry to the Dailypost Photo Challenge: Dreamy.  Thanks!

CEE’S PHOTO CHALLENGE: Vibrant Colors: Turkish Carpets


Visiting Turkey, one of the most spectacular things to see is the carpet industry.  These people know what they are doing not only when it comes to production of high quality and beautiful carpets, they also know how to sell them.  They spread carpet after carpet with beautiful themes and designs, of various colors and textures, some even change colors depending on where you look at the carpets.  It amazed me how God has truly endowed the human being with amazing gifts of creativity.

This is my entry to Cee’s Photo Challenge: Vibrant Colors.

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