DAILY POST PHOTO CHALLENGE: Dialogue #1: Budapest Towers

dialogue   I wasn’t sure exactly what the Daily Post is trying to make of this challenge, but this is my take on it.  It is one picture file, with two pictures side by side – the Parliament Building and the St. Stephen Basilica – in Budapest, Hungary. These are the two tallest buildings in Budapest, reaching the maximum height allowed in the city. It reflects the ongoing dialogue between the voice of religion and the voice of government. Both voices are important and they need to engage in an interplay of check and countercheck in order to hold each other accountable in looking after the welfare of the people.  Both need each other, and both depend on each other for healthy existence.  Once these two principles of society become antagonistic to each other, the culture is the one that suffers.  

This is my entry to Daily Post Photo Challenge: Dialogue.



Being on the edge is a very difficult spot.  It is the place where the battle between CONTROL and LETTING GO takes place.  But when I meditate on the beauty of a waterfall, i realize how easy it is for the water to just let go, it happens so naturally and wonderfully.  If we only learn to be like the waterfall, and take the edge as an opportunity to dive into the plan of nature, then we can become a source of true power, and bring light to so many.  

I took this picture when my family and I went to Niagara Falls this summer.  It’s my third trip there, and I always find something more to make my experience fresh.  This is my entry to Where’s my Backpack? Travel Theme Challenge: Edge.  

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