TRAVEL THEME: Shine – Michigan Cherries


Did you know that the shiniest living thing in the world is a berry?  Not these cherries… 🙂  They’re called collia berries which are grown in Africa.  But these cherries are shiny too.  They are Michigan cherries shining as they dangle on the trees!  I love watching people turn into children.  Childlikeness is a beautiful thing to see.  When people pick berries, something beautiful happens.  I love watching especially my mom.  She makes some weird funny and childlike sounds she she sees the shiny fruits, and she does everything possible to get them.  Sometimes the cherries would be very high up on a branch, but no problem, the 69-year old would climb up to the skinniest branch to get the cherry she lays her eyes on.  Thank to these shiny Michigan cherries for the joy you bring to my mom, and to me.  


This is my entry to Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge: Shine.  Late entry but well… I try.  🙂



  1. Was it her first time? I would be doing the same thing too if I were in her place. Glad you all had a wonderful time!

    • Yes Tita, it was her first time, that’s why she’s all ecstatic. last time, she really wanted to pick cherries, but we went too late, and there were only peaches available for picking… Our timing was perfect this time around.

  2. I am so happy for the joy you both experienced.

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