CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: Trees#2 – Sequoias

CEE'S  FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: Trees#2 - Sequoias

So I just returned from a very short but substantial trip from California. My friend lives in Bakersfield, as so i we were looking for places to do during the short visit, my eyes went like a beagle to the national park called Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Park, some three hours northeast of Bakersfield. I have always been longing to see these giant sequoias, and this particular national park boasts of the BIGGEST TREE IN THE WORLD – it’s called the General Sherman Tree, that distant middle tree in this picture. The drive and the half mile hike to this tree was not bad at all, although I was a passenger. I can imagine how it’s like to drive up there. It happened to be raining in that part of California that day, and so as we went up to the Sequoia National Park, the rain started to turn into frozen rain to sleet, to real snow. By the time we made it to the area of General Sherman, we were literally seeing a winter wonderland scene! Yeah, we had a long and tiring winter in Chicago, but this one was different. I was looking at pines and sequoias that stood up into eternity, and the snowing was sweetly dancing down from leaf to leaf, and it wasn’t that chilly at all, because there was no nasty wind that could drop the temperatures to frigid nastiness. I have to say that I have been in Chicagoland for 14 years, and I never expected that I had to go to California to be able to see the prettiest winter scene I have ever seen in my life.

The sequoias are amazing, especially as they are mixed with the other trees. The old sequoias are amazing to see, and standing next to them is a deeply spiritual experience. It is humbling and overwhelming at the same time to be in the midst of old trees that hover over me. For some of these sequoias to live over a thousand years, I can only bow in reverence. It teaches me that life is truly miraculous, and the only possible explanation for these to remain alive after so many years is that there is truly a universal design to each and every specie of creation, and behind it all is a divine order.

This is my SECOND entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Trees. Thanks!



  1. So beautiful Fr. Sunny. Picture perfect just like everything that He has made.

  2. Sequoias are so beautiful. Thanks for playing along.

  3. a national park in northern cali is in my bucket list 🙂 great capture!

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