PHOTO CHALLENGE: Two colors, two hues

PHOTO CHALLENGE:  Two colors, two hues

I love this picture because it is the view of sunset from my own barrio up in Northern Philippines. I grew up watching the sunset there, since I was a kid, with my grandfather, siblings and cousins… i spent hours of thinking and dreaming there… my family survived our hardest times through that water. And it is as beautiful as I have always remembered it.

Sorry it’s late, I am just trying to catch up, but this is my entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Two hues, two colors only. I am not sure if this would pass… but certainly, this is as limited to two colors and two hues as I think I can get: The Yellow and the yellow-orange, the black and the blue-gray, and two colors: black and yellow. And the only editing I did with this picture is to reshape it into a square.



Here’s one of those things that says: Simple is beautiful. Simplicity is beauty. And come to think of it, the school of though that has greatly influenced my way of thinking also says that the simplest truth of all is God, in its purity, in its unity and in its simply being. Wow.. I love it when concepts like these are so coherent, it is like looking at the universe with very intelligent eyes, and everything makes sense. 🙂 Geek alert has been turned off, people. Praise the Lord!

This is my entry to Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge: Pink.



This is one of the rooms inside the Chateau Chenonceau in the super posh Loire Valley Region of North-eastern France. This room is so inviting because of the textures of the wall, the carpet and the bed. They all blend so seamlessly and create a palette worthy of the royalties of France. I will never have this in all my life, and i do not believe that i would ever enjoy having one. I would probably sell it and go for simple living in the village, and do something good with my money. Diocesan priests like me do not have a vow of poverty, but through the years, i have come to understand more the joy that comes with simpler life. Some people from my own town in the Philippines will not consider my life simple, but then again, not everyone will really understand what I am saying here… that’s just the way it is. 🙂

This is my entry to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Texture. Thanks Cee!



I was inside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and saw this uniquely haunting statue of Saint Therese of Lisieux, one of my favorite saints. She is the darling saint of France. Not far at the other corner is the statue of St. Joan of Arc, the other important female saint of France. What makes St. Therese so special is that she is considered a saint of all-time, but especially engaging is her teaching on the little ways as the path to holiness. This is the path for everyone – that when we do even the smallest and seemingly most insignificant things with great love, we put a smile on God’s face. What a concept!

This is my entry to Where’s My Backpack’s Photo Challenge: Statue



Food is one of the most common and irresistible temptations. It takes a strong mind and an act of will to resist food, because it is natural for us to eat, and so to resist the temptation to food is like going against one’s very nature. I am a sweet tooth and sweet desserts are my weakness. Here’s one in the picture: a macadamia white chocolate mousse with dark chocolate shavings and a raspberry top. Nom-nom.

But in the Season of Lent, we sacrifice these things that we are most tempted with, in order to enjoin ourselves with the sacrifice of Christ. It is a noble, holy and symbolic action, that some people frown upon, especially those that do not understand the intentions and rationale behind them. But for those people who take their lenten sacrifice very seriously, they end up profiting from such observances, which allow them to have the confidence in their ability to resist bad choices, in the name of their love of God. What’s to frown about that? So help us God, like you always do. 🙂

Thanks to this challenge from Where’s My Backpack travel theme challenge: Tempting.  Here’s wishing everyone a holy lenten season.



This is the Temple of Athena in Assos, a city founded between 1000-900 BC, situated in the province of Canakkale, in Turkey. It’s official name today is Berkhamkale, but most people still refer to it by its ancient name, Assos.  I am hoping to be able to see this place again during my pilgrimage to Turkey and Greece later this year!  Visiting ruins can be very thought-provoking, as it shows us the limitation of human existence, and calls us to acknowledge the ones that last forever, like our faith.  These ruins are testaments of people’s faith, no matter what religious tradition it may be.  Paul also found his way into this region as he attempted to introduce Christianity to the Greaco-Roman world.  Mostly what’s left to day are ruins.  But the legacy of Paul permeates and transcends every piece of ruin there is.

Wikipedia says, “After leaving the Platonic Academy in Athens, Aristotle (joined by Xenocrates) went to Assos, where he was welcomed by King Hermias, and opened an Academy in this city. Aristotle also married Pythias, the adopted daughter of Hermias. In the Academy of Assos, Aristotle became a chief to a group of philosophers, and together with them, he made innovative observations on zoology and biology. When the Persians attacked Assos, King Hermias was caught and put to death. Aristotle fled to Macedonia, which was ruled by his friend King Philip II of Macedon. There, he tutored Philip’s son, Alexander the Great. There is a modern statue of Aristotle at the town entrance. Assos was also visited by St. Paul. Today, Assos is an Aegean-coast seaside retreat amid ancient ruins.”

I visited Assos in 2013, together with my classmates in Mundelein Seminary, as part of our studies of the journeys of Saint Paul. We saw many ancient places then, including Ephesus (known for its extensive ancient ruins), Miletos (where Thales the first philosopher lived), and also Athens and Stanbul (Constantinople), but for the purpose of this Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme Challenge: Ancient, I would like to post this one. 🙂

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