“Atmospheric” sounds scientific and concrete but also cryptic and abstract. This is a true challenge.  So, I had to look up the official meaning of the word to come up with something sensible. Haha. Atmospheric pertains to the layer of gases surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by the earth’s gravity in order to protect and stabilize the life forms that exist in it. Wow. Who came up with that? Who invented the atmosphere? By the sound of that, it must be someone intelligent, someone who is non-random but purposeful! Not only does life exist in this planet, but the natural mechanism that protects and sustains such life also exists in the form of the combination of the pull of gravity and the unique balance of gases in the atmosphere.  Dare I say it? That’s God!  NO WONDER, A TRUE SCIENTIST CANNOT BUT HAVE FAITH IN SOMETHING GREATER THAN OURSELVES!  God is the one who has made possible this intelligently designed universe.  Woohoo!  Please excuse me, I am getting carried away again! Amazing!

So here’s the Eiffel Tower. It is a man-made creation, and it is beautiful. I took this picture on my first day in Paris, last year, and this was my very first actual site of the Eiffel Tower, standing proudly rising through the earth’s atmosphere, while the rain poured and the fog blurred my vision.

This is my entry to Sue’s A Word a Week Challenge: Atmospheric.



  1. i’m really getting excited about Paris. 🙂

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