“Context” is a common word, but when one is asked to explain what it is, it might be challenging. But I’m a former philosophy teacher, so i will give this a shot. Context, for me, is the infrastructure of understanding an insight.  Like a koi  to its aquarium or pond, an insight cannot survive or exist properly without the context from which it emerges and finds meaning. When we take an idea outside of its context, we subject it to being misunderstood or “equivocalized” into a parallel or similar but different idea. As an example, when we take Christianity outside of its context, its history, its originary purpose, and its essence as a way-of-life, it can be manipulated and used for political purposes or simply as a  humanistic ideology. The true context of Christianity is salvation through Jesus Christ’s redemptive act of self-offering, and without this, the Church can cease to be Christian. Throughout history, the Church is called to proclaim and offer this salvation to the world, through word and sacrament, drawing back to this context as its reason-for-being.

This picture of the koi fish in the pond, taken at the Sacred Heart School Convent Refectory in the Klong Toey District of Bangkok, Thailand, is my entry to Suellewellyn’s A Word a Week Challenge: Context.



  1. Religion is easy to manipulate by anyone to suit one’s purpose so they take it out of context and let us believe how they want us to think. Otherwise this world would be a lot more peaceful and we would be more understanding of each other.

  2. Koi fish is never coy Fr. Sunny. Welcome back!


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