The Bridge is a beautiful symbol. It one of the things that personally fascinate me.  I many ways, I look at my life and my vocation/calling as being a bridge, a point of connection between Jesus and other people.  Part of my holy work as a priest is to pray for people, and there a lot of people who ask for prayer.  At mass, when I pray in the midst of the community, for the community, with my hands in roans position, I become the bridge of people’s prayers to God, as I incarnate in some extraordinary way, the presence of Christ the Mediator.

This yellow bridge in this picture is the Margit híd or Margaret Bridge (sometimes Margit Bridge) is a three-way bridge in BudapestHungary, connecting Buda and Pest across the Danube. It is the second northernmost and second oldest public bridge in Budapest.  (Thanks, Wikipedia.)  It is interesting the Buda and Pest are really two distinct cities separated by the River Danube, and the point of unity between these two cities are the bridges that cross over from one to the other… Buda is the hilly city and Pest is the flat city.  Comparing them and figuring out which is superior would be a task without an end, as these two cities really take on different temperaments and both boast of distinct flairs that each offer to the other… Thank God for the bridges, and this Margaret Bridge, we don’t have to resolve that petty comparison and contrast, but simply enjoy the vast beauty of these two cities combined into one name.  With the bridge in mind, I am sure that the intention of the city engineers or whoever designed these cities, is to unify them seamlessly, and not to set them apart from each other.  This is the spirituality that Budapest stands for, and let’s keep it at that.

This is my second entry to Ailsa’s Where’s My Back Pack Travel Theme Challenge: Yellow.   Rarely do I post a second entry.  But that’s because I love yellow.  Hehehe.


It’s every move is a masterful production, giving glory to its creator, who made such beauty possible.

Truly, the best way to honor our creator is simply to be the best that we can be,

and so reflect His wisdom and splendor in the way we live our lives.

This is my entry to The Dailypost Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes.    Thanks!



To go out to the water,
early in the morning,
to feel the water,
and survey the world swimming below,

putting enough care not to disturb the peace of the early morning calm,
before the sun rises in a full shine.
Nothing is heard but the pole slicing through the water,
and the frolicking of little fish upon the ocean weeds.

The little man dreaming to grow up like his father!
It’s not his time to go to the deep sea, but for now,
this is what he does to prepare for the bigger things that life is calling him to do.
No fish will be caught, no money will be earned, but this is his work, even then, for now.

Reflecting about work calls for a deep spirituality. It is beautiful that God has so fashioned our human existence in such a way that we too can be sharers of his creative work on earth, that through our intellect, our will and our individual skills, the world continues to transform itself, to evolve into the fullness of the divine plan for His creation.

The picture is taken from the shores of South China Sea, a short stroll away from our home, in Candon City, Northern Philippines.   This is my entry to Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge: Work



“Atmospheric” sounds scientific and concrete but also cryptic and abstract. This is a true challenge.  So, I had to look up the official meaning of the word to come up with something sensible. Haha. Atmospheric pertains to the layer of gases surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by the earth’s gravity in order to protect and stabilize the life forms that exist in it. Wow. Who came up with that? Who invented the atmosphere? By the sound of that, it must be someone intelligent, someone who is non-random but purposeful! Not only does life exist in this planet, but the natural mechanism that protects and sustains such life also exists in the form of the combination of the pull of gravity and the unique balance of gases in the atmosphere.  Dare I say it? That’s God!  NO WONDER, A TRUE SCIENTIST CANNOT BUT HAVE FAITH IN SOMETHING GREATER THAN OURSELVES!  God is the one who has made possible this intelligently designed universe.  Woohoo!  Please excuse me, I am getting carried away again! Amazing!

So here’s the Eiffel Tower. It is a man-made creation, and it is beautiful. I took this picture on my first day in Paris, last year, and this was my very first actual site of the Eiffel Tower, standing proudly rising through the earth’s atmosphere, while the rain poured and the fog blurred my vision.

This is my entry to Sue’s A Word a Week Challenge: Atmospheric.



Chrysanthemum, also known as mums, is my birth flower, which symbolizes cheerfulness, friendship and abundance. It is one of the most prolific flowers I know, because it comes in different sizes, colors and patterns. It is so beautiful, and reminiscent of the thanksgiving season, or the fall, when it is most available in this part of the world. I also like the fact that this flower grows both in tropical and hyperborean climates. Chrysanthemum symbolizes faithfulness, and yellow symbolizes wisdom (gift of the Holy Spirit, Isaiah 11:2-3) and joy (fruit of the Holy Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23). I pray for both every day!

This is my entry to Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme Challenge: Yellow.  Sorry it’s quite late.  The picture was taken in Amsterdam in November 2013.


Elephants, I have found, are very spiritual animals.  I mean, being around an elephant exudes something spiritual, makes you want to think of the bigger realities of life, but in the gentlest of ways.  Riding an elephant is still yet another amazing experience… like being raised to another level of being and awareness.  How beautiful that it is possible to experience something transcendent through a creature like an elephant.  The Creator keeps on surprising me with these new discoveries from my new experiences.  Amazing.


I would like to share one of my original songs here… I have been praying this these days. When we feel that there is no other way to go but be with God and for God, there is a sense of freedom that is achieved. It doesn’t matter if you feel unworthy, because nobody is worthy. It doesn’t matter what others think, because they are also groping in the dark just like you, anyway.

This is one place where I find God – the place of wonder and awe at the things I cannot understand. So, until someone here below can actually unlock the biggest mysteries of the universe, I will look up to my faith in the one who transcends our ignorance, because I refuse to believe that this universe is an absurd mess of coincidences. I believe.

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