Just picture of Chicago that I took last year… This is quite random, but it does showcase some beautiful things about Chicago…

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Word a Week Photo Challenge: Wind

Word a Week Photo Challenge:  Wind

One of the most amazing places in the United States is the Alamogordo White sands in New Mexico. It is the biggest accumulation of gypsum white sand in the world, and it is beautiful.
When I go visit places like this, I cannot help by be at awe, for indeed, the universe is marvelous and full of beauty and mystery. No wonder most saints and mystics have accessed God primarily through the beauty of His creation. God made this universe and sustains it, so that we may see somehow in them His reflection as the creator. The experience of beauty in the universe is truly one of the immediate and easy pathways to faith, because we know that the beauty is not invented by us, but simply given generously by the one who made it possible.

This is my entry to the Word a Week Challenge: Wind



By the shore of the Sea of Galilee, there was an eerie but calming stillness, not a sound could be heard, except for some occasional squawk of a black bird flying by. Taking the sail across the Sea of Galilee has always given me this extraordinary sense of peace, and Jesus saying to me, “Be still and know that I am God.”  I have been to many places, on pilgrimage, and there is still nothing like being in the Holy Land, and certainly being on and around the Sea of Galilee.

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Visiting the Notre Dame de Chartres was one of the highlights of my recent pilgrimage to France. This basilica features the most spectacular rose windows in the world, and this is a photo of one of the three major windows.  From the inside, especially on a sunny day, one can see the beauty of the colors of these huge windows, and makes one truly appreciate the level of artistic work that people of that time had.  Most people know that the Church has always been the primary patron of the arts, but what many do not know is that, just like many things that the Catholic Church does and has, the rose window is a symbol – it symbolizes a well ordered soul. A typical rose window should have the image of God in the middle, although in this specific rose window, we see Jesus being carried by His mother. Around the center of the rose, we can see many other creatures, including angels and saints, and other symbols of the church. When I meditated on the windows, i couldn’t help but pray that my should can indeed be as well-ordered as these amazing works of art.

This is my entry to Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack? Travel Theme Challenge: Symbol.

Christmas In Our Hearts

Christmas In Our Hearts

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs.  I did this video some six years ago, but it still feels so fresh every time the Christmas Season comes.  This year, I am singing this tomorrow (Dec 14) at a benefit called Voices of Christmas, to benefit the Typhoon Victims in the Philippines.  In cooperation with Project pearls, the proceeds will be used to make Christmas baskets to be given to the families devastated by the typhoon.  Christmas is such an important season to Filipinos, being the only predominantly Catholic country in Asia, and especially this season, Filipinos celebrate in such an amazing way.  We hope that the baskets that will reach the families will give them some renewed hope in the year to come, and truly experience the spirit of Christmas in their hearts.

Daily Post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Daily Post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Going through the Grand Palace of Versailles, I get this nauseating feeling in my stomach, like a decadence that makes me sick… like to much sugar, or too much milk. This is a picture of the bed of the Mercury Salon, one of the six chambers of the King’s Grand Apartment. As I walked through these lavish chambers, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were really, really happy and content with their human existence. And I could not also help but ask, if they ever thought for one moment of the people in the streets who were hungry and homeless, as they slept in their lavish chambers and ate their fancy royal meals. As I walked the chambers of Versailles, I came to appreciate even more the spirit of the saintly Queen Elizabeth of Portugal, who spent hours making clothes for the poor and sneaked money from the Royal Treasury to give to the poor, or the witness of Francis of Assisi, who threw away all his fancy clothes through the window, for the poor of the streets to enjoy. For me, that is what is truly grand – an altruistic heart.

This is my entry to the Daily Post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand.

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