A Word A Week Challenge: Lines

A Word A Week Challenge: Lines

Somewhere in Sunny Southern California, I caught site of this interesting site, and took a picture of it. The symmetry between the “roofing” and the shadows that it produced was very eye-catching, almost asking someone to walk through and break the pattern and be part of the scheme. There is truly a recognizable order in the universe when we reflect deeply on the meanings of the patterns that we see around us. And as Saint Thomas would infer, since we are not the ones that made such intelligent order possible, there has to be some Ultimate Designer of the world order…

This is my entry, a bit late, for A Word a Week Challenge: Lines.



This is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected.  When we were in Lourdes, i was expecting to use one of those small chapels in the basilica of the Immaculate Conception. That’s where pilgrimage groups the size of ours normally did their masses. Then our pilgrimage escort said to us, “We were told to use the main church of the basilica because there was a leak in the chapel that we were assigned to use.”

That’s all, and presto! we were having mass at the main basilica, built on top of the grotto of the apparition in Lourdes. Unexpected, but totally preferred. I took it immediately as a personal gift from Mama Mary, for my third visit in Lourdes. God is good!

Where’s My Back Pack Travel Theme: Fragrant

Where's My Back Pack Travel Theme:  Fragrant

The nose is not far from the tongue. In fact, the fragrance that one experiences with the nose is already in itself an interplay with the sensation of taste that is connected to the tongue.

On my way to the Eiffel Tower, I was chitchatting with a cab driver, until all of a sudden, as we passed by the shops across Place de la Concorde, he pointed to me a must-go patisserie in Paris, for the best desserts and rich drinks – the Angelina. So the next day, I walked to the store with some friends and whalaaaa! We saw a long line of patrons outside, who like us were enticed by the aroma of artisan, decadent and delicious desserts that looked like a million bucks.

I couldn’t help but blurt out “God is good, and God is here!” I was a little child in a candy store, and I wanted a piece of each one… but alas, I had to make the choice. I went for that red one and the shiny brown next to it. Delicious!!! The flavors were popping all over the mouth. At every bite you taste several notes of flavor, and the rich, creamy textures make you forget the name of what you ate… so you have this craving to go and buy some more, with the excuse of trying to remember the name of what it was that you bought. I came out of that store broke, but definitely happy.

Ahhh… the gift of taste that God has given us, is a definite foretaste to heaven! I thank God for the gift of Angelina. 🙂  This is my entry for Ailsa’s Where’s My Back Pack? Travel Theme Photo : Fragrant.  Thanks!



Here’s a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel, posing in his splendor inside the abbey of Mt Saint Michel, the mountain in Normandy that is named in his honor. According to legend, the Archangel Michael appeared in 708 to St. Aubert, the bishop of Avranches, and instructed him to build a church on the rocky islet. Aubert repeatedly ignored the angel’s instruction until Michael burned a hole in the bishop’s skull with his finger. OK, that’s a legend. 🙂

This is my entry for a word a week photo challenge. To check out other entries, click on this link.



There is no other short that is in my mind right now other than the shortness of time.

I have just finished a pilgrimage through France, and the time just flew by, like a breath. Life is indeed short, shorter than we ever think, especially in our youth, but once it has escaped us, it just doesn’t not slow down anymore. Our time on this earth is indeed short, when compared to eternity, and the lesson to be learned is always knowing well enough not to exchange the short time of earthly life with the endless time of heavenly inheritance.

In this picture, a silhouette I took inside the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Through the window, one can see the Sacre Couer on Montmartre, Les Invalides, and even a bit of the River Seine on the foreground. The big timepiece is a permanent fixture of what was then a railway station, now converted into this fabulous museum that features the impressionists, and other invaluable collections of sculptures, paintings and pieces of art, a real must-see in Paris.

This is my entry for this week’s Where’s My Backpack? Travel Theme Challenge: Short

Chateau de Amboise

Chateau de Ambois




Ailsa’s Where’s my Back Pack? Photo Challenge of the Week is: CONNECTIONS.  All the most important connections are made in the Church, in prayer by the people of God. Like here in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Chartres… The gothic style of architecture like that of this basilica is a symbol the connection being made between the Church and God, hence the high vertical movement in the infrastructure. It’s breath-taking and makes you want to look up!

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