Where’s My Backpack? Photo Challenge of the Week: Brown


Ailsa’s Where’s my Backpack? raises this week’s challenge by choosing the color BROWN. Brown is an interesting color. Not a lot of people would put it in their list of top favorite colors, but that’s just the beauty of the brown – it’s humility. After all, it’s the color of the “earth,” the Latin word (humus) of which, is the etymological basis of the word humility. To fulfill this challenge, I just took a no-brainer picture of the Old Dupage County Courthouse, an important historical landmark in Wheaton, IL. It still has an imposing presence today, and its clocktower seems to still work effectively, even though it has already been converted into a high-end condominium. It is fascinating and definitely eye-opening to think how something like a courthouse can become a residential building. If a building could think, this would definitely be interpreted as an official demotion from being a county judge to a local resident, albeit rich resident. But that seems to be at the heart of the universal design.  Be it a building or a human being, there is a need to remain grounded and humble, because no matter how high we hover, we know in the end we have to go back to the ground where we belong. This timeless building stands as a testimony to these earth-shatteringly humbling realities of life.



  1. i must have passed by this building several times and not paid attention. it is beautiful! i agree, brown represents humility. and like this building, the beauty of humility is peace and joy!

    • Did you come across that thing that says Wheaton is #6 best village to live in Illiinois? 🙂

      • no i did not, but am not surprised at all. i like wheaton and the people i know that live there. you love kankakee but i know your heart is also in wheaton. 🙂 you’re going to a pilgrimage in france soon – i’ll be praying for all of you. please keep me and my family in your prayers too. 🙂

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