The Color of Fall

The Color of Fall

Nothing to say, everything to see…

Travel Theme: Stone

Travel Theme: Stone

Where’s My Backpack? Travel Photo Theme: Stone.

My most cherished pilgrimage still remains to be Israel, the Holy Land. Without taking away anything front he other amazing places that I have visited, the beauty of being in Israel is the thought of being right where Jesus literally walked. There are, of course, many levels of authenticity, the ones that are simply not but are respected as a place to commemorate, the ones that are most likely the actual places, and then there are those that are surely accurate, based on descriptions and historical data.

Well, this picture is of those considered to be surely accurate – that Jesus would have surely walked through this path of stones that led to the top of Mount Zion. This is called the Jesus Way because of its level of authenticity – Jesus would have definitely walked on this path as He climbed up Mount Zion and walked down the valley, because there is no other known path, through the centuries.

I walked through this stony, pebbly, already disproportioned path, as long as I could, thinking about my own call to follow the footsteps of the Lord. How powerful indeed to be right there were He trod!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Horizon is a true human experience. Horizon means that there is a limit to what we can see, but that limit is meant to encourage us to push further. As we experience new things, see new things, taste and feel new things, our horizons expand and reach farther limits. Horizon evokes hope, a positive sense of our ability to transcend… presupposing that one day we shall reach the endless depth of the universe. Theologians refer to this experience as CAPAX UNIVERSI – our intuition toward the infinite or universal, grounded upon the temporal limits of our horizons. We reach our to the infinite by trusting that there is something more than what is in our present horizon.

In the picture is a sunset view from Boracay, island in Philippines. It is a daily feast to be in Boracay at sunset… and i cannot tell you more. You just have to go.

For more pictures of horizon, visit The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.  Thanks.


Prayer of Trust and Pictures of Cumbria Valley in Assisi

Prayer of Trust and Pictures of Cumbria Valley in Assisi

This is my first video link post, with all original content.  It makes sense to post it here because I love the picture that I took here, and the Prayer of Trust was an inspiration I wrote in just a few minutes, and everything about the prayer came from the heart.  I hope that people find it helpful, hopeful and beautiful.  




A really cute, newborn mutt, sleeping with all the assurances of love and protection from his mother. At this stage, just a few hours after birth, he cannot even see; he relies on the feeling of the nearness of his mother, and naturally knows how to look for some milk just a few wiggles away. We can learn from this little puppy a thing or two about living, about trusting, about the intuition of the care of God.

See more furry entries to A Word a Week Challenge and enjoy the variety of beautiful and amazing creatures that we can find in our planet!

Where’s My Backpack? Photo Challenge of the Week: Brown


Ailsa’s Where’s my Backpack? raises this week’s challenge by choosing the color BROWN. Brown is an interesting color. Not a lot of people would put it in their list of top favorite colors, but that’s just the beauty of the brown – it’s humility. After all, it’s the color of the “earth,” the Latin word (humus) of which, is the etymological basis of the word humility. To fulfill this challenge, I just took a no-brainer picture of the Old Dupage County Courthouse, an important historical landmark in Wheaton, IL. It still has an imposing presence today, and its clocktower seems to still work effectively, even though it has already been converted into a high-end condominium. It is fascinating and definitely eye-opening to think how something like a courthouse can become a residential building. If a building could think, this would definitely be interpreted as an official demotion from being a county judge to a local resident, albeit rich resident. But that seems to be at the heart of the universal design.  Be it a building or a human being, there is a need to remain grounded and humble, because no matter how high we hover, we know in the end we have to go back to the ground where we belong. This timeless building stands as a testimony to these earth-shatteringly humbling realities of life.



This is my entry for Dailypost WordPress Challenge: The Hue of You. Timely enough, it’s the fall season, my favorite season of the year.  It is also this time that my favorite color – YELLOW – becomes prominent in nature, especially here in the Midwest, and everywhere that knows Autumn. I love yellow and all hues of it – the sunflower yellow, the cobalt yellow, the yellow ochre, canary yellow, marigold yellow, blonde yellow, ecru, yellow amber, apricot yellow, maize yellow, the fancy chartreuse! Yes, the sunny shade makes sense for me, and i guess that’s why my nickname is sunny. It is a very happy color, vibrant and full of life, and it marries well with other colors. I hope to be known and remembered as that kind of a person.  I believe also that this is how God intended me to be – to be joyful and to bring joy to others.  That is why I love this time of the year. I get to see all these beautiful hues of yellow, it’s literally a feast in the eyes, especially when contrasted against the dark wood of the forest elms. Yellow is totally the Hue of Me. 🙂

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