The Color Brown and Cepia Tones: IL Santo

This is the brown entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:  The Color Brown and Sepia Tones.

The Basilica of Saint Anthony, from this angle is so unassuming, it caries in its facade the spirit of Franciscan rule of life.  Padua (Padova) is an important Italian pilgrimage destination, because of this.  Inside, one can find the incorruptible tongue of Saint Anthony of Padua, known for his miraculous intercessions.  The details of the piled adobes that make up this facade reminds me of the rings of trees that show how old they are; for indeed, the Church is old, and the spirit of humility itself is beyond old – it is as timeless as God Himself.

The Color Brown and Sepia Tones: Holy Silence

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge:  The Color Brown and Sepia Tones

This is my first entry on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. I find that brown is a hard color to play with, but I am doing two entries here; one brown, one sepia. This is the sepia entry.

I was wandering about reflectively along the halls of the church of the Pater Noster in Jerusalem, and caught sight of this as I made a turn. I took the camera and snapped away without a sound from the shutter, but she glanced at me. No words were spoken, but smiles were exchanged. In such a holy place, who would dare break the silence? Not even the baby in the womb managed to pound its head against her mother, if only to say that pictures are not allowed.

Photo Theme: Relaxing

Photo Theme: Relaxing

Where’s My Back Pack? Photo Theme Challenge of the week is: Relaxing.
These boats finally get to RELAX after a glorious day of fishing , while in my relaxing walk by the shores of my own hometown, I whisper a prayer of gratitude for a chance to visit again, even only for a few days, once a year.

Travel theme: Through

Travel theme: Through

Where’s My Backpack? Travel theme photo challenge this week is: Through.

Through the tunnel, one reaches out from jerusalem into the neighboring valley of Bethlehem. The tunnel feels so long, as one thinks of how so close and yet so far these two cities are today, separated by strife and political division.  Here’s hoping that just like this tunnel, more pathways can be created so that these two cities can exist side-by-side harmoniously again.

Travel Theme: Through

Travel Theme: Through

This week, Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack’s challenge for the week is Through.

Through an age-old wall, one can see the cemetery of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, a silent reminder to live for things that matter most. At a distance, life goes on for many Jews, Muslims and Christians that live in this place of peace and discord.




It’s my favorite season again! And what a way to jumpstart this season with a visit to a fall farm, where there are pumpkins and mums everywhere… still early for the fall colors to show, but a hint of the shades of the season starts to show in smaller trees and leaves. The combination of the cool breeze and the warm earth leaves feelings of nostalgia, poeticism and sheer gratitude for life. Enjoy!

Crossing Over

Crossing Over

It is never easy to cross over and break boundaries.  It can mean being subjected to discrimination and hate.  Not so for these nopales.  A green fruit crosses to the other side, and a red one crosses over to the other side… without any discord in the world.  Why can’t people just be like nopales in a fresh produce store?

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